Editorial: Remembering war

“The Great War,” it was called, “the war to end all war.”

World War I didn’t end war. And it wasn’t great — just large.

Wars may be for a great cause, or achieve good ends. World War I launched the Atlantic alliance of American and European democracies that guards freedom to this day.

Events and celebrations remember the devotion to duty, country and comrades of those called to battle.

But wars are still blood and horror.

Wars farther in the past seem easier to gaze upon, even celebrate.

This year Ridgefield is honoring the 100th anniversary of World War I’s end in 1918.

Events and programs coming up include document digitization day Sunday, June 10, where archivists and historians will take family stories and keepsakes and enter them in the state’s digital archive. Flag Day, June 14, the story of the Battle of Belleau Wood will be told. And Sunday, June 17, the Keeler Tavern Museum and History Center is hosting a World War I family day, with a broad range of activities both educational to entertaining for adults and kids.

Don’t miss it — mowing the lawn, or watching some game.

Amid war’s blood and death are honor, courage and sacrifice deserving of remembrance.