Editorial: Moving time

Last month, The Press announced it had been acquired by Hearst Connecticut Media Group. This week marks the next evolution in that process as our staff transitions out of the paper’s headquarters at 16 Bailey Avenue — its home for the last eight decades — into a second-floor office space at 345 Main Street in Danbury.

While it’s undoubtedly sad to say goodbye to a building that many of us have worked at for years, the move comes after a chaotic summer of construction in (and displacement from) our building and a speculation-filled fall about our future as a news organization.

Now, with last month’s acquisition, we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief: We have a new home (without any hazards surrounding its entrance) and, most importantly, we have jobs in an industry we all care passionately about.

The task of moving does come with a specific set of challenges though.  

When The Press packs up its bags Wednesday, Nov. 21, the newspaper will be leaving Ridgefield for the first time since its establishment in 1875. There’s an expected set of growing pains in covering our village from another town, but it’s a hurdle we know we can overcome.

We’ll still be Ridgefield’s paper. Our feature stories will be about Ridgefielders and our news briefs about Ridgefield events. We’ll have Ridgefielders’ wedding and engagement announcements. We’ll be at the school board and selectmen’s meetings. We’ll be at the Planning and Zoning hearings and, yes, cover the new separate Inland Wetlands Board when it starts meeting next fall. We’ll print Ridgefielders’ letters to the editor and editorialize on Ridgefield concerns.

Through it all, we promise to remain dedicated to you, our readers. Without your loyal engagement, we wouldn’t be where we are today — on the brink of a new partnership with a respected news organization that has the resources to help carry The Press forward and maintain its legacy for the next generation to come.

It’s exciting, it’s intimidating, and it’s almost assured to be life changing for all of us invested in the life of this paper.

As we say goodbye to our physical roots in Ridgefield, we say hello to our future in Danbury with the knowledge that this is a community that will continue to be served the same way it always has been by its local newspaper — with contemplative, impartial journalism.