Editorial: Main Street views

Trees, parking, turning lanes. Do you have thoughts on the changes proposed for Main Street? The state’s Department of Transportation is listening before moving forward with a $3.15-million renovation plan. Now’s the time to speak up.

People with comments may email them to Michael.Calabrese@ct.gov or send them to Michael Calabrese PE, Bureau of Engineering and Construction, Connecticut Department of Transportation, P.O. Box 317546, Newington CT 08131-7546.

The state wants comments before Friday, April 6, and asks people to identify the project by number: 117-159.

Finding public consensus is no easy task, especially on changes to an area as treasured as Ridgefield’s village. But the state is doing its part, being open, transparent, seeking opinions.

A flourishing commercial Main Street that retains its New England village feel should be important to more than the 50 residents and shop owners who turned out at last Thursday night’s presentation. Ridgefielders should welcome the chance to give feedback. Preserving our community’s pedestrian-friendly commercial district is worth some time and effort. The plans are on the town’s website, www.ridgefieldct.org, and may be viewed in town hall.

Apathy, laziness, procrastination will deprive the state of townspeople’s views on the changes to Main Street — arguably what Ridgefielders cherish most about their town.