Editorial: Burning light

Vigils, postcards, marches — even monetary donations and offers to volunteer to help a local refugee family — Ridgefielders are engaged in protecting those oppressed by the recent executive orders coming out of the Oval Office.

And that’s a good thing. It’s not a time to be asleep.

While some will try to rationalize what’s happening in Washington and others will dismiss it by saying they’re not into politics, it’s indispensable for residents to remain active in upholding freedom for others.

Barring refugees and immigrants from entering this country lies in direct opposition of the founding principles and traditions of this nation. So does being detached, despondent or hopeless  — a refusal to engage in civic responsibility, a passive rejection of basic human decency.

As Americans, we must be capable of charity, compassion, mercy, and empathy.  

Right wing, left wing — it doesn’t matter. We all have the same privilege to live in this country, and that comes with the moral duty to resist persecution in all its forms.

Fighting against brutality, cruelty, and injustice is the backbone of our democracy.

That resilience has ignited a blaze that — despite flickering over time — continues to glow and crackle with hope. It’s our responsibility to make sure that flame never goes out.