Letter: Trump’s writing skills unfavorable

To the Editor:

I know you’re not called editors for nothing, but I was disappointed with how you edited my letter to The Press on Feb. 9, the one in which I compared President Trump’s speechwriting skills unfavorably with those of President Obama. You omitted just one sentence, the penultimate one, but to my mind it was the cornerstone of the letter, reading as follows:

“But when another national tragedy like the massacre of Newtown children occurs, and it surely will, it seems unlikely that Trump, or his handlers, will be able to rise to the occasion, lifting the nation up from despair.”

In the absence of that key sentence, Trump’s failure at speechwriting seems inconsequential, simply an aesthetic issue. I appreciate you printing my letter, or at least most of it, but I wish you had made room for that sentence.

Perrie Ridley

Editor’s note: The sentence referred to was inadvertently omitted due to a production error.