Letter: Trees in black plastic bags sends the wrong message

To the Editor:

The Aldrich Museum is one of Ridgefield’s important assets. That said, their current outdoor display of several trees enclosed in big black plastic bags (with some rats) sends the wrong messages to our citizens and children. First, trees are to be protected and cherished, not killed in plastic bags, and second, we have a scourge of plastic bags in our parks and in our oceans. So what is the “message art” here trying to say?

We love to walk our beautiful Main Street and find it hard to understand what the Aldrich is trying to accomplish with this artistic blight. We have lodged our complaints with several Aldrich staff members in person. The staff we spoke to seem equally mystified as to the message of the exhibition and said they have received similar comments from many others. One staff response I did get was “well, the trees were dying anyway.”

This misdirected outdoor exhibition mars our appreciation of Main Street and has no artistic or environmental benefit to our town. Who from the Aldrich can explain what the artistic message of this exhibition is?

James and Karen Coyle