Letter: Police and fire taken for granted

To the Editor:

Shortly after my wife and I moved here from Sandy Hook in April last year, our police department did a wonderful job in solving the break-ins and apprehending the suspect that had been terrorizing residents on Old Sib Road and Mamanasco Lake Road. I was remiss in not thanking them for their diligence and hard work at that time.

On Tuesday, Jan. 10, I was taking our dogs out back and smelled the odor of gas downstairs. I called dispatch and was advised to leave the house and they would send a truck right away. Within five minutes, the Catoonah Street team was here with two trucks. Led by Capt. McDevitt and Lt. Taylor, firefighters Tim Nobes, Justin Krofssik and Kevin Woessner, they quickly got to work and assessed the problem. Opening doors and windows, setting up the ventilation fan, checking the house with their gas meters was done in amazing speed. Next they did a quick question and answer drill, which was very helpful.

So many times we take for granted those who protect and serve our community, whether they be paid professionals or volunteer professionals. On behalf of both Mary and I, as well as our 15-year-old pug Gracie and her 12-year-old puppy Maggie, thank you to all who serve our community.

Mike and Mary Kelley