Letter: Let’s talk more, Rudy

To the Editor:

Far too often in Ridgefield when it comes to important topics, many of us find ourselves excluded from the process. Many of you may be unaware of discussions and serious consideration of changes taking place right before our eyes on Main Street. Street widening, new turning lanes being proposed, a great loss to parking, up to 11 removed. When you find your input and involvement is purposely excluded, it becomes personal.    

Many care greatly for our downtown and so too do the folks working on this project. Sure, we do disagree at times, but my hope is we can agree on what makes sense and the door is reopened to communicating and resolution.

The Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown Ridgefield should be involved in this too, and encourage conversation. I have not heard from either side recently nor even a letter on this topic to their membership, or the town encouraging communication and cooperation.

I am asking Rudy Marconi to host more discussions and to act on ideas many of us have brought to the table. As an example, I support synchronization of traffic lights, adding more parking along Bailey Avenue and even a loading area there. I also support a well-designed, carefully considered realignment of the CVS and Prospect Street intersection. I do not support any loss of parking on the Main Street nor any widening as proposed and or discussed now. There is no need for widening. The need is to steadily move traffic and light synchronizations appear to be a part of the answer. The rest of Main Street is fine for now.

Engineers may often have the technical side of a project well in hand, and the state DOT is communicating well, however the practical, economical and reality of what is needed will far outweigh an assessment by engineers alone.  

Wayne A. Addessi