Giving Thanks: The kindness of strangers

To the Editor:

The kindness of strangers is stronger and better than you can imagine. This past Sunday, my husband of 60 years, Paul, and I went to 9:30 Mass at St. Elizabeth Seton up in Ridgebury. On our way home the car slowed down. Paul realized we had no gas left. Now what … I had a cell phone, but there was no service.

As we sat there, a car stopped and a young mother asked if she could help. She couldn’t but she called her husband, and he showed up a few minutes later, drove us to a garage to get a gallon of gas, back to our car, installed the gas only to find lights had been left on. The battery was dead.

At that point, another car stopped and a man came over to see what he could do to help, and he stayed till our car was up and running.

We have always loved Ridgefield, knowing the kindness here, so thank you, God and neighbors like Mr. and Mrs. Ward, for the help we were given.

Paul and Veronica Haley

Ridgefield, Feb. 12