Editorial: Time to limit guns

Again a mass shooting, death dealt out seemingly at random by a gunman carrying an unknown grudge and an excessive arsenal. Again tears, anguish, talk of prayers. Candlelight vigils, moments of silence.

Again political stalemate — voices calling for stronger gun control laws, voices arguing the Second Amendment is sacrosanct.

Enough. Schoolchildren in Sandy Hook, churchgoers in Charleston, a night club crowd in Orlando, now concertgoers in Las Vegas — it’s enough.

Since Sandy Hook, there’ve been 183 innocent lives lost in 13 separate mass shootings around America.

It’s past time for reasonable gun restrictions — universal background checks, trackable permits for gun ownership, outright bans on military-style weapons that enable shooters to mow people down. The gun lobby — posing as the voice of everyday Americans, but financed by arms manufacturers — will raise all kinds of objections. Time to stop listening to that thoroughly compromised voice.

Gun laws aren’t an infallible defense, but societies with strong gun regulations have less senseless killing. The Las Vegas shooter amassed an arsenal far beyond any “self defense” need — 23 guns in his hotel room, 19 at home. That’s just crazy. And we’re not even trying to stop it.