Looking Back: Geese on the pond; men in Vietnam

A white goose with an orange bill, something of an ugly duckling among the Canada geese thriving on the pond in front of Fox Hill Condominiums, was given “a dwelling of his own, a goose house provided by anonymous donor,” the Jan. 2, 1992, Press reported on its front page.

A headline trumpeted “Crowding, budget face schools in ’92.”

Michael Hagan, head of the anti-tax group The Friends of Ridgefield, was opposing plans to spend $60,000 to dredge ponds at the town golf course.

“May those who opposed Super 7 not be permitted to drive on interstate highways,” said Bruce F. Wilken of Rustic Road in a New Year’s wishes letter that also suggested, among other things, that the library paint left- and right-turn arrows in its exit drive, and that the Police Commission “post reasonable speed limits.”

Jack Sanders’ column on the hits or misses of 1991 listed as a hit that “last spring the Famous Fungus returned and wiped out all the leaf-gobbling gypsy moths.”

John Frey, Rex Gustafson, Beth Yanity, Susan Reynolds, and Chris Leonard were among those seeking seats on the Republican Town Committee. Candidates for the Democratic Committee included Patrick Crehan, Mary Gelfman, John Kukulka, and Gabrielle Kessler-Tracy.

James Ward scored 27 points as the Tigers basketball team routed Immaculate.

Dave Baumann, RHS ’86, described his experiences pitching for the LA Dodgers’ minor league system.

Connecticut teachers’ average annual salary of $43,808 was the nation’s highest. That would be about $75,000 today.

The classified ads sought a “mother’s helper” for $5 an hour, and asked from $120 to $140 for a cord of firewood. That $120 is $205 in today’s money, and the babysitter’s $5 is worth more like $8.50 an hour.

50 years ago

Bissell’s Drug Store, then on Main Street, was sold by Mrs. Cornelius S. Lee to Pat DiMaria of Watertown.

The Ridgefield Jewish Community met at the Main Street home of Cora Smith “to vote on the proposal to formally organize a congregation and apply for a charter from the state of Connecticut.”

Peter Santini led with 15 points and big brother Tommy Santini had 10 as coach Harry Hyra’s RHS Tigers fell to Fox Lane in basketball.

Mrs. Harry Hull led the American Legion Auxiliary in filling 13 boxes with gift foods to be sent to “Ridgefield men fighting in Vietnam.”

A cross with “killed in Vietnam by a Russian bullet” on it appeared in an ad from “the Ridgefield members of the John Birch Society.”

The Grand Union advertised Florida oranges or grapefruits at two five-pound bags for 79 cents, which is $5.67 in today’s money.