Looking Back: Car show! Coach quits

Remember the antiques car show? Veterans Park field was blanketed with beautiful old cars one Saturday each year.

“Stanley Steamers, Model T’s, Cadillacs and more (all predating 1942) will be available for viewing on Saturday,” The Press reported in its Sept. 10, 1992 issue.

The show, sponsored by the Lions Club, had been in Ridgefield for more than 30 years, and was expecting some 250 cars.

(The show was later moved after a year when the field was wet and damaged by the cars. It lost momentum re-located to the middle school parking lot.)

RHS basketball coach Tom Pardalis resigned after three years.

“Coach Pardalis said parental intervention was his main reason for quitting. ‘There was just too much outside interference,’ he said. ‘Enough was enough, It was just time to leave.’” The Press reported. (He went on to coach in Danbury.)

“We are losing a coach who led Ridgefield to two East Division FCIAC titles,” lamented letter-writer Scott Hinson.

Athletics Director Bob Mark announced he would retire in June after 35 years with the schools.

“When I first came here we had just the basics — football, baseball and basketball,” he said. “There were hardly any sports for girls.”

“Traffic Mess” proclaimed the caption to a front page picture. “Road crews tear up ground along Route 7 near Cain’s Hill Road to install drains and widen the road.” (The state added turning lanes and a traffic light.) ”This construction and state crews widening Danbury Road have caused traffic delays for many ...”

Sound familiar?

50 years ago

Beauty queens topped page one of the Sept. 7, 1967, Press, photographed with Francis Martin, creator of the beach on Great Pond now know as Martin Park.

The “Great Pond Day” contest winners photographed were: “Mrs. Great Pond, Mrs. Thomas McCarthy of Limekiln Road; Miss Little Great Pond, Diane Tegethoff of Ramapoo HIll Road … and Miss Great Pond, Kathy Hill of Buck Hill Road.”

Tree cutting was unpopular.

“A Ridgefield conservationist almost staged a ‘sit out’ at the site of road work on Barlow Mountain Road this morning,” the Press reported. “Mrs. Joseph F. Cashman, whose house is located on a section of road which being widened, said that at about 9 a.m. she noticed road crewmen working near a row of 20 old trees. She told The Press that if work did not stop she would have sat in the road…”

Eventually, “Robert J. Mulvaney, foreman of the Ridgefield Highway Department, arrived at the site and told Mrs. Cashman the banks would be sloped so as not to harm the roots of the trees.” —MKR