Letter: Lights on Main Street revisited

To the Editor:

Lights on Main Street were colored at one time. During the 70s I lived in Ridgefield and worked for my father at the Ridgefield Savings Bank. During the years my father placed two trees out in front and one 25-foot tree on the roof, all with colored lights. Also during those years, my father, my brother and I played Santa to thousands for many years. As the ethnic base of the town changed so did the lights. It took one person with a letter to the paper saying he thought it was in bad taste and bad advertising for the bank to go against the white lights of Main Street. My father’s reaction to this letter was of utter insult and resulted in the stopping of the trees and Santa. To Mr. J S I would question as to why and where you would come up with a word as “kerfuffle” and use it in a story of which you do not have all the facts? I would also question Mr. J S why you would not use your full name?

David C. Coles