Battle reenactment to close Main Street from 10:30 to 2 Saturday

Saturday’s battle reenactment will close Main Street from about 10:30 to 2, with southbound traffic diverted down Pound Street to High Ridge, and letting out onto West Lane (Route 35), where it can return to Main Street at the fountain or go west toward New York. Northbound traffic will be diverted down Branchville Road (Route 102) to East Ridge and then take Grove Street back to Route 35 Danbury Road.

A parade of from Gilbert Street to Lounsbury House will start things off at about 10:45.

The fighting is expected to begin about 11:30 with a skirmish near Casagmo, where a barricade manned by patriot militia confronted the British. A monument in Casagmo’s stone wall honors soldiers of both sides who were killed in the battle and buried nearby:

“In defense of American Independence at the Battle of Ridgefield, April 27, 1777, died eight patriots, who were laid in these grounds companioned by 16 British soldiers, living, their enemies, dying, their guests. In honor of service and sacrifice, this memorial was placed for the strengthening of hearts.”

From Casagmo, the battle will move south along Main Street, with engagements planned at various locations: near the library and Ballard Park; just south of the Catoonah Street intersection near town hall; and at the Veterans Memorial by Lounsbury House — where there will be barricades recalling those built by patriot militia on north Main Street in the real battle, April 27, 1777. The battle reenactment will end by Jesse Lee Methodist Church, with a British cannon being fired at Keeler Tavern.

The battle recreation is expected to end about 1:45 or 2, and then British and colonial re-enactors will march to Lounsbury House for the ceremony honoring veterans, with First Selectman Rudy Marconi expected to speak.

To provide extra parking on the day of the battle, there will shuttle buses from parking lots shared Barlow Mountain School and Scotland School to village, starting about 9:30.

If the Barlow-Scotland lot fills up, buses will start picking people up at Ridgefield High School. Return buses after the battle will leave from Main Street in front of the library, with the last bus back scheduled to leave at 5:30.