Thrift Shop: The price is right

The items in our specialty display case are selling like hotcakes! Coach. Burberry. Tiffany. Manolo Blahnik. American Girl. Those are a few of the brands recently sold. Why the success?  The price is right!

The expression, “selling like hotcakes,” means to be in great demand and is thought to have originated in about 1839 referencing hotcakes (pancakes) sold at fairs and festivals. When you visit the Thrift Shop, you’ll discover that most of our inventory (not just the specialty items) sells quickly, so if you like it, buy it. It won’t be there when you come back!

You can make history with us this weekend, when we open our doors for the first time ever from 10 – 4 on Saturday in celebration of Ridgefield’s Summerfest. You’ll definitely find a bargain.  Need a saxophone? Come see our Palatino sax. It’s perfect for a student — why rent when you can buy?

We are open Monday - Friday from 12 – 4 and Saturdays from 10 – 2 (except this week when we are open until 4) at 21B Governor Street. Enjoy Summerfest! Visit all the downtown merchants!  Cherish the great town we call home!