Thrift Shop: Take a closer look during tax-free week

It’s important to take a closer look at anything you buy in the Thrift Shop to make sure you are OK with the quality of the item — after all, we sell primarily used goods! This week, you can really get a close-up view with the Spencer Lens Co. monocular microscope. (This is a figurative statement, not literal — you really can’t stick your clothes under the lens!) The microscope dates from the 1940s or 50s and is in excellent condition in its original wooden case complete with the instruction manual. There are a few lenses and old slides and a doctor’s letter discussing specimens — truly a great vintage piece.

We receive new items as well. This week you can purchase a new Peter Rabbit by Wedgewood Nursery Set (cup, bowl, plate) or the tennis or golf remote accessory for your Wii.

Whatever brings you into the Shop, here’s some important information for your shopping calendar: all red tag items are half price now through the end of the month; Connecticut’s “tax holiday” runs from Aug. 20-26 and all clothing and footwear items under $100 are tax-free. It’s a great time to stock up at 21B Governor Street.