Thrift Shop: Put me in, coach

Are you ready to play? The Thrift Shop has a fine selection and great variety of sports equipment no matter what you play. Lacrosse? For boys, choose between a Warrior or STX shaft, or for girls, a pink DeBeer lax bag. Water sports? We have Jag titanium shortie wetsuits for kids size S, M, XL and XXL. Golf? We have lots of clubs as well as a GoFit Power Tube Gym for resistance training at home.

Speaking of working out at home, September is a great time to get back in the game. You can “burn and sculpt” with the Bodyblade Blast or “swing yourself fit” with the Empower kettlebell.  Each comes with an instructional DVD. For more traditionalists, we have hand weights and exercise mats.  

Skating programs are getting underway so stop by and see if any of our skates will work for you.  Hockey or figure skating, mens, womens or kids, we’ve got them all.

Shopping and donating at the Thrift Shop helps support more than 40 local non-profit organizations. Hope to see you soon at 21B Governor Street. Visit our website ( and friend us on Facebook for sales and special announcements.