Thrift Shop: Mirror, mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the best thrift shop of all? The Ridgefield Thrift Shop. If you don’t believe me, come ask our mirrors. We have two oval wall mirrors from which to choose: a delicate one about 14 inch long with an etched flower border, and an 18-inch-long one framed in a rustic gold Italian design. Whatever your preference, you know the answer.

Spring training is underway. It’s time to stop by and pick up a few of your favorite baseball cards. Or prepare for April showers (and storms) with the Eton hand turbine AM/FM weather radio. Also of interest this week is an asymmetrical, three-tier hors d’oeuvres serving dish with green glass platters — a combination of unique, interesting and functional — and two custom-made corniches for standard windows with accompanying draperies in a burgundy, peach and green taffeta fabric.

The Ridgefield Thrift Shop is the best thrift shop of all — ask the mirrors, ask our volunteers, ask our donors, ask our customers, and ask our beneficiaries. If you’ve never stopped by, we’d love to meet you. We’re open for sales and donations Monday through Friday from 12 to 4 and Saturday from 10 to 12 at 15 Catoonah Street.