Thrift Shop: Make your resolutions count

It’s January and time for New Year’s resolutions. Here are the top five new year’s resolutions, according to one source, and suggestions on how the Thrift Shop may help you achieve them.  

1) Stay fit and healthy. Buy spin/bike shoes at the Thrift Shop – SIDI black, size 41 currently in stock.  2) Lose weight. Pick up a yoga mat, ice skates or other sports equipment. 3) Enjoy life to the fullest. Check out our collection of vintage hats, buy a few and have a hat party — just for fun! 4) Spend less, save more. That’s an easy resolution to keep as long as you shop at the Thrift Shop. 5)  Spend more time with family and friends. Get a guitar — a Yamaha C40 may be just what you need — and kumbaya!

Eighty percent of people fail to keep their resolutions by February — don’t let that be you! Set specific goals, measure your progress, be patient and you’ll find just what you need at the Ridgefield Thrift Shop!

Visit us weekdays from 12 to 4 and Saturdays from 10 to 2 at 21B Governor Street. Friend us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram (rfthriftshop) for special events and sales information. Happy New Year!