Thrift Shop: Food, glorious food

“Food, glorious food! What wouldn’t we give for?” So go some of the lyrics from the musical Oliver.  Food, it’s important. However, when you are elderly, disabled or infirm, it’s often difficult to prepare. That’s the role of Meals on Wheels, which delivers 20,000 meals each year to Ridgefield residents. Meals on Wheels is one of 40 local non-profit organizations that receive a donation from the Ridgefield Thrift Shop. We enjoyed touring its facility and learning more about its mission last week. If you want to know more about Meals on Wheels and how to volunteer or donate, visit its website,

Speaking of food, we’re in the midst of two religious holidays, Passover and Easter, and food and family play a part in both. Come to the Thrift Shop to pick up an extra serving dish or a pretty plate for that dessert or appetizer you’re bringing. No need to worry about getting the dish back — it will show up at the next family occasion or be passed along to a friend.

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