Thrift Shop: Children welcome

Last Halloween, one of our volunteers noticed people buying multiple costumes. Curious, she asked why. The answer was to fill the dress-up box. Well, you don’t need to wait until Halloween anymore. Children’s costumes and dress-up clothes are available year-round now.  So, bring the kids and play, discover and explore. Let your little princesses’, doctors’ and firefighters’ dreams come true.  

Our children’s department is quite impressive — clothes, toys, games, puzzles, easels, rocking horses, room accessories and stuffed animals — displayed as nicely as you’d find in a cute boutique. It’s a fun shopping experience for you and your kids.

If you don’t need kids’ stuff, you’ll still have a fun shopping experience at the Thrift Shop. Have you noticed the rack with designer and high-end women’s clothes as you enter the clothing department?  There are beautiful items and great prices. Look for designer purses and shoes in this area as well.

Thanks so much for your support during our opening weeks through both your purchases and donations. You are making our dreams come true. Visit us Monday through Friday from 12 to 4 and Saturday from 10 to 2 at 21B Governor Street.