Thrift Shop: Checkmate

Chess is a game of skill and strategy and what better way to play than on a beautiful marble set.  The set has a black and white board framed with a green border and black and white pieces. It’s as nice to display as it is to play.

Enjoy the end of summer with a great family project and build an electric plane. The Tiger Moth 400 is a beginner model kit by GWS and includes everything you need to soar to new heights. If you prefer to keep your head down, the Bounty Hunter Junior metal detector is just for you. You never know what treasures lurk in your yard or the woods.

School days are almost here. Stretch your clothing budget with a trip to the Thrift Shop. You’ll find good quality clothes for both practical use and special occasions (and no sales tax through this Saturday). The beginning of school also brings the beginning of fall. Stop in and browse our plentiful inventory of fall decorations.

The Thrift Shop is located at 21B Governor Street and open Monday through Friday from 12 to 4 and Saturday from 10 to 2. Donations are accepted through our back entrance on Bailey Avenue.