Thrift Shop: Campus ready

Have you been seeing the ads about getting “campus ready?” Yes, it is time to get the kiddies packed up and off to college. Maybe you have a freshman; maybe you have someone a bit older moving into a campus apartment. Do you really want to spend a lot of money on things that you’ll never want to come back into your home?

The Thrift Shop is a great resource to help your kids get campus ready. We have everything from bedding to window treatments to dishes, pots and pans and lamps. Even with every 20% off coupon from Bed, Bath and Beyond, you’ll never beat our prices! And, you’ll help save the planet and raise money for local non-profit organizations. How great is that?

The Thrift Shop is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which has supported the Ridgefield community for 80 years.  

Our mission is to support local non-profit organizations through recycling, repurposing and reselling generously donated goods and to provide the opportunity for people to purchase affordable merchandise. We hope we can help you get campus ready.  

Come visit Monday-Friday from 12-4 and Saturday from 10-2 at 21B Governor Street.