Thrift Shop: Calculate your savings

It’s easy to save money shopping at the Thrift Shop. This week we have three calculators available to help you add up those savings: the HP-12C financial calculator has interest and depreciation features, the TI-83 Plus graphing calculator has advanced math and science functions, and the TI-34II helps with trigonometry and statistics. These items are located behind the cashier desk and are priced at $15 each. Check out eBay and Amazon and you can quickly figure your savings.

Shifting gears, how about driving a Corvette around the board of a brand-new Corvette 50th Anniversary Collector’s Edition Monopoly game, or working on your ventriloquist skills with our vintage Charlie McCarthy dummy? We also have a Townsend’s ceramic zebra sculpture which is a lifelike model of a zebra resting on the ground. Bunnies and baskets and spring décor have hopped into the shop, too.  

The Thrift Shop has supported the Ridgefield community for 80 years. The more donations we receive, the more income we produce and the more money we have to donate back to the Ridgefield community. We’re donations to dollars to donations. Visit us Monday through Friday from noon to 4 and Saturday from 10 to 2 at 15 Catoonah Street.