Thrift Shop: Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?  Those four words test the patience of many parents! Traveling to and from your vacation destination can really be a “trip.”  

But instead of dreading the car ride (or plane), you can make it fun — with a little help from the Thrift Shop. Pack a basket or a tote with stuffed animals, DVDs, books, dolls, cars and other toys or games and let the kids choose something special several times along the way. Wrap those toys and add an element of surprise to the fun!  You’ll find everything you need, including wrapping paper, at the Thrift Shop.  

Have you heard of Jim Shore? He’s an artist (with a bit of QVC fame) who makes figures which combine “elements of folk art with a vibrant color pallet applied to traditional themes.” Angels, Santas, cats, Disney. You’ll find our collection in the hutch around the corner from the cash registers.

Whether going to the shore, or needing a shore collectible, the Thrift Shop is surely the place for you! Stop by Monday-Friday from 12-4 or Saturday from 10-2 at 21B Governor Street.