Theater review: Wreck the Halls is a respite from crazy holiday season

By popular demand, Bradford Blake and his cast have returned to the Ridgefield Theater Barn to revitalize their production of “Wreck the Halls” and to celebrate the theater’s recent renovations.

It is a bawdy and unique soundtrack to the holiday season, and those unacquainted with the 2015 production are certain to find the performance refreshingly unique. At the same time, those who might recall the play’s suggestive themes and raunchy humor will want to take advantage of the opportunity to see the original cast perform it once more. New songs, revisions, and a much more dynamic set design are also attractions for those familiar with the original production.

From ballads about adverse family relationships to choruses about the bitter realities of winter weather, the cast of Wreck the Halls continues to deserve praise for its efforts and versatility. Alexis M. Vournazos and Diana Matson return to their dynamic roles with the same energy and tactful physicality that highlighted their performances in 2015. Priscilla Squiers, Carey Van Hollen, and Duane Lanham also illustrate their continued vitality with memorable individual performances and a strong contribution to the coordinated team dynamic. In addition, Bradford Blake continues to complement the cast with his unique characterizations and quick-witted connection to his audience.

For a mature audience that is hoping to avoid a blue holiday season, the return production of Wreck the Halls is sure to enliven the season with its untraditional idioms, innuendos, and provocative holiday tunes. The production is made even more enjoyable with the Theater Barn’s new seating selection, lobby, and audience accommodations, including a bar on-site. So take a break from all the holiday errands and book your seats for Wreck the Halls — a show that is both the perfect celebration of and respite from this crazy holiday season.