Senior Scene: New aging directory

The Commission on Aging has been working on a new directory for a year. This is our sixth edition. We had it at the RVNA Health Fair last Saturday. We hope you saw our table. This time we are mailing it to all the seniors from the age of 60, so be sure to look for your copy and use it. This is the first time we will be mailing it out, and we can thank the Leir Foundation for being so generous. So, seniors, be sure to thank them.

I have to thank all the commissioners for their hard work on the directory. However, I have to thank two commissioners in particular who did an exceptional amount of work — Liz Doty, who set up the whole directory on the computer, and Alice Kenny-Lucas, who got the printed copy and proofed it. I don’t know how we could have done it without these two ladies.

See you in two weeks, Chris