Senior Scene: Helping seniors

The GoSafe mobile system from Philips Lifeline offers all the peace of mind of our in-home personal emergency response service — now available on the go.

This is the most advanced personal emergency response system. By pairing a home communicator with a mobile pendant, GoSafe is two systems in one. On the Go subscribers use the same lightweight waterproof pendant they wear in the home. There is no additional mobile hardware to keep charged or remember to take with them. The GoSafe pendant cellular two-way voice feature enables seniors to enjoy activities wherever they are, knowing that a Lifeline response associate is just a button-press away. If auto alert detects a fall, it will automatically call the Lifeline Response Center should you be unable to call for assistance. GoSafe also allows referrers to empower their patients to maintain their independence knowing that they can access help in an emergency at or away from home.

Now, this is very important — you must wear your pendant at all times or it won’t work. Being a senior myself, and wearing a GoSafe, I have a problem with my friends who do not wear them. They have all sorts of excuses. If you get in the habit of wearing it all the time you get so used to it that you forget it is there.  

For more information, call Barbara Newland at the RVNA, 203-438-555, ext. 1005.

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