Senior Scene: Health insurance assistance available

This is the time of year when the program of CHOICES (Connecticut Health insurance assistance, Outreach, Information and referral, Counseling and Eligibility Screening) is available. Karen Gaudian, the municipal agent for the elderly, is running a program at the library Tuesdays and Fridays until Dec. 7 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. by appointment only. Call Karen at 203-431-2754 at town hall to make an appointment. Sometimes there are insurance changes that have to be made that can save you money, so the state of Connecticut runs this program every year. Take advantage. You might be surprised what you can save.

If you need information from the state, call 866-218-6631 or go to and click on CHOICES link or call 800-994-9422 to get more information on CHOICES.

The biggest challenge facing older Americans and their loved ones is getting access to the services they need to ensure the highest quality of life. The State Department on Aging’s goal is to help people stay in their homes and their communities for as long as possible.

See you in two weeks, Chris