Senior Scene: All about canes

The cane is the most widely used device. A cane provides support and balance to people with walking disabilities. They also prevent falls because they can carry 25% of an individual’s weight. Canes are easy to obtain; therefore, people may acquire a cane without the help of a qualified professional. It is important that the professional, such as a doctor or a physical therapist, helps select a cane that will give the best performance.

Canes consist of four parts: handle, shaft, base, and tip. The weight and appearance of canes may vary due to different materials used in making cane shafts. Aluminum canes are generally preferred because they are lighter than wood. Height adjustment buttons on metal canes raise and lower the height of the cane, guaranteeing an accurate fit.

Make sure that the handle is as high as the wrist of the hand opposite your weak side. While standing and holding the cane by your side, your elbow should be bent at an angle of 20 to 30 degrees if positioned properly. Talk to a physical therapist about the most comfortable cane to fit your needs.

See you in two weeks, Chris