Ridgefield property transfers: May 30-June 6

Ten homes and 4 condominiums worth a total $10,905,254 changed hands in deeds filed with Town Clerk Barbara Serfilippi between May 30 and June 6. The town received $26,676 in conveyance taxes from the transfers, which included:

77 Sunset Lane, Unit 7: Charter Group Partners at Ridgefield LLC to Ronald R. and Patricia A. Terrill of Sunset Lane, May 30, $887,623.

39 Peaceable Street: Stefan Dobiejko and Dina Sturtevant of Peaceable Street to William and Mary Ellen Cavanaugh of Rockville Centre, N.Y., May 30, $1,350,000.

38-B Grove Street, Unit 1A: Harry Gill of High Ridge Avenue to Michael and Melanie Pearl of Main Street, June 1, $155,000.

30 Cooper Road: James F. Whelan, Jr. of Arlington, Va., to Dean W. Cohagan of Cooper Road, June 1, $585,000.

93 Olmstead Lane: Carrie R. Wells of Olmstead Lane to Mark R. Langston and Clare Burrows of Old South Salem Road, June 1, $809,000.

77 Sunset Lane, Unit 112: Charter Group Partners at Ridgefield LLC to Peter M. Authier and Susan F. Ault of Sunset Lane, June 1, $490,131.

11 Settlers Lane: Carol Lee Dickinson, trustee, of Settlers Lane to Thomas D. and Carol A. Acocella of Danbury, June 2, $560,000.

16 Clearview Drive: Mary R. Flack of Clearview Drive to Matthew S. and Carolyn J. Griffiths of Huntington, N.Y., June 2, $517,500.

130 Ramapoo Road: Christopher W. and Natalie W. Delaurentis of Sandy Hook to Donald J. Townsend and Leslie B. Krichko of Ramapoo Road, June 5, $475,000.

42 Rolling Hill Road: Harold B. and Geraldine C. Cooper of Westport, Mass., to Thomas F. Pendergast and Trina L. Dunn of Rolling Hill Road, June 5, $870,000.

41 Mulberry Street: David and Julia Otis of Mulberry Street to Joshua M. and Jessica L. Brown of Anthem, Ariz., June 6, $465,500.

43 Prospect Street, Unit 4: Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp to Eugene and Kathleen Gaisser of Prospect Street, June 6, $235,000.

41 Pumping Station Road: Keith S. and Cathy Jean Harrington of Swans Island, Me., to Gerrard and Karen Ragone of Pumping Station Road, June 6, $855,000.

165 North Street: Michael and Alison Brophy of New Street to Joan Irish of Darien, June 6, $592,000.