Ridgefield Prevention Council introduces Prevention Plus column

We are pleased to announce this new weekly column from the Ridgefield Prevention Council (RPC): Prevention Plus. The RPC is a volunteer organization run under the Town of Ridgefield Charter. Our mission is to support a safe and healthy environment for all of Ridgefield’s families through awareness, education and positive alternatives to alcohol and other substance use in an effort to reduce high-risk youth behaviors. We hope this new column will be a resource for the community.

We will tell you about events and programs in Ridgefield and the surrounding area, share statistics and trends that we think are helpful, and offer suggestions, solutions and resources.

Our most recent initiative was the Eyes Wide Open forum at the Ridgefield Library on Feb. 1. The forum featured a panel of speakers including community leaders, mental health practitioners, a high school student, and a person in recovery. It was an open discussion about the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol in Ridgefield and resources to seek help. We have many more efforts underway and will share them with you here. We welcome your feedback, questions and topics of interest.

For more information or to get involved, contact Laura Cleary, coalition@ridgefieldct.org, facebook.com/ridgefieldpreventioncouncil or ridgefieldpreventioncouncil.org