RVNA Today: You have a choice

Finding the best medical care can mean evaluating a daunting number of choices. From selecting a primary care physician to deciding what specialists and hospitals to use, if necessary, there are many doctors and facilities to choose from. This also extends to choosing the home health care agency you might need when heading home after a stay in a hospital or rehab facility. Hospital case managers are required to provide you with a choice of agencies, and it is your decision which one you will use to provide the follow-up care your doctor prescribes in order for you to more completely recover at home.  

Things to consider include whether the agency is Medicare-certified, meaning that it meets rigorous standards of quality; if the agency provides services seven days a week and if you can be seen promptly when you return home; whether the agency has the expertise to treat a large variety of conditions and illnesses and if staff have advanced dementia training, as RVNA does; whether the agency’s treatment outcomes indicate a high quality of care and low rehospitalization rate; and if the agency provides additional services such as home health aides, nutritional counseling or outpatient physical, occupational and speech therapy when you are no longer homebound. The agency you choose determines the quality of care you will receive at home upon discharge. RVNA’s 103 years of experience in providing comprehensive nursing and rehabilitative services to keep you healthy and out of the hospital makes RVNA a wise choice for home health care and outpatient rehab needs. Remember, you have a choice, and if you prefer the services of RVNA, ask for us by name. RVNA is your VNA.