RVNA Today: Thinking positively

Medical studies have indicated that people who think positively have a lower risk of dying of all cancers compared to others of the same age who have a gloomier view of life.  Research has identified practices that can help people achieve and sustain a positive outlook on the future.  Try focusing on these practices to stay positive and possibly achieve a longer life. Savor pleasure: slow down and focus on everyday pleasures that you can experience and enjoy as they unfold. Feeling pleasure helps to sustain a positive attitude and can be as simple as sharing a meal or visiting with a friend. Practice gratitude: appreciate what you have, whether tangible or intangible, and be grateful for your blessings. Some people keep a gratitude journal to regularly write down the things they are thankful for. Cultivate mindfulness: mindfulness is the practice of focusing on the present moment and being open to both pleasant and unpleasant experiences. It helps you to be fully engaged in activities and have the capacity to deal with adversity, reduce anxiety and deepen personal connections. Retain a sense of purpose: when going through difficult times, try to keep your life as normal as possible by focusing on the things you can control and maintaining a schedule of activity that gives you a sense of purpose. View important life changes, though perhaps painful, as challenges and opportunities. Emphasize the positive: focus on the positive aspects of a situation and winnow out the negative in order to build resiliency and bounce back from bad times. This practice will help you weather losses and sustain a positive outlook moving forward.