RVNA Today: The role of home health nurses

National Nurses Week has just concluded, and during the month of May, we celebrate nurses everywhere, but especially home health care nurses like those who work for RVNA. For more than a century, our nurses have provided needed care at home for people of all ages and diagnoses. They work tirelessly, visiting up to six patients each day in towns throughout western Connecticut. Home health care nurses interact with patients, their families and physicians.

They travel in all kinds of weather to reach the people who need their skilled nursing services. In addition to providing hands-on care and treatment, the nurses must document all they do using laptops they carry with them and technology that requires ongoing education.

They collaborate with, and carry out the orders of, physicians but have to be capable of working independently in their patients’ homes. Their job also entails educating patients, family members and other caregivers to ensure the best possible health outcomes. As health care trends evolve, people are heading home from the hospital sooner and requiring more medical oversight, so RVNA nurses use their knowledge and experience to provide care where people want it most — in their own homes. On a daily basis, our nurses combine expertise and compassion to treat the young and old, chronically ill and recovering patients with the very best care using the most advanced skills and technology. RVNA recognizes the important work that nurses do and salutes our hardworking and dedicated nursing staff.  For more information about home health care services, call 203-438-5555.