RVNA Today: Meningococcal vaccines

In the recent past, there have been outbreaks of Meningococcal B disease on college campuses which have drawn attention to the need for college students to be vaccinated against this and other meningococcal diseases.  

Meningococcal disease can cause potentially severe infections of the lining of the brain and spinal cord and infections of the blood.  

The meningococcal conjugate vaccine, known as Menactra, is administered in a two-dose series and protects against four types of bacteria: serogroups A, V, W, and Y.  This vaccine is required by many colleges and universities.  

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends the conjugate vaccine for all first-year students living in residence halls. Typically, this vaccine is administered at age 11 with a booster at age 16.  

The meningococcal B vaccine, which goes by the brand name Bexsero, is administered in two or three doses and protects against the serogroup B meningococcal disease bacteria.  

The CDC recommends a three-dose series for individuals ten years and older who are part of a population identified to be at increased risk because of a serogroup B outbreak, like those that have occurred on some college campuses.  RVNA offers both these vaccines at its office at 27 Governor Street.  

If your child’s college or university requires or recommends  one or both of these vaccines, or if you choose to take them independently, contact RVNA at 203-438-5555 ext. 1119 to make an appointment. A doctor’s prescription is required and there is a vaccine administration fee.