RVNA Today: Don’t Forget the Imodium!

If you’re vacationing in the US and forget to pack something, it’s generally resolvable without too much difficulty. But that’s not always the case when traveling further afield. Say on safari, where forgetting your mosquito net or your daily prescription medicine might have more serious consequences.
Not to mention if you forget your pre-travel immunizations. Surely nobody chooses cholera as a souvenir!
To keep your travel unforgettable in only the best of ways, an RVNA travel consultation is a good place to start. Each year, we see hundreds of travelers journeying to such destinations as India, Southeast Asia, and Africa for pleasure, education, mission trips, and business. An RVNA travel consultation includes itinerary-specific health advice, discussion and administration of immunizations; prescriptions for such ailments as altitude sickness, Malaria prevention, Traveler’s Diarrhea, and Leptospirosis; review of safe food/water practices, and heads-ups on such items as insects or environmental risks.
Travel consultations are recommended four to six weeks before departure, so it’s important to plan ahead. And, of course, once you’re on the other side of the world, a postcard back to RVNA is always a nice idea.
To learn more or schedule a consultation, call 203-438-5555 or visit ridgefieldvna.org/travelhealth/.