RVNA Today: A plant-based diet

What does eating a plant-based diet mean? It means consuming more fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes and excludes or minimizes meat (including chicken and fish), dairy products and eggs, as well as highly refined foods like bleached flour and refined sugar. People who consider themselves vegetarians, vegans and flexitarians, i.e., those who eat meat only occasionally, are following a plant-based diet. A plant-based diet provides a host of health benefits by preventing and even reversing some of the major diseases striking people today. It is widely recognized that eating less animal-based food (meat, fish, dairy, eggs, etc.) is linked with better overall health and lower levels of inflammation. A plant-based diet also assists in the treatment and prevention of such health issues as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity. Want to learn more about eating a healthy, plant-based diet? Join RVNA dietitian Meg Whitbeck and chef Cathy Katin-Grazzini for an informative presentation at the RVNA Nutritional Education Center at 27 Governor Street on Thursday, April 6, from 11:30 to 1. The presentation will include a cooking demonstration and tasting. The fee is $23 and the workshop is open to the public. Register by calling RVNA at 203-438-5555 or sign up and pay online with a credit card at ridgefieldvna.org