ROARrings: Friendly cat room mayor

Our cat room is like a little village. Barry ran for mayor and won easily. He knew what it took to be elected by being smart, sweet and relaxed, loved by his constituents — a true leader.

Barry is tall and handsome with a distinguished look that immediately grabs your attention, especially his stripes and mixed splotches.

When Barry is not attending to his work life, he loves to relax in different ways. He loves sports, including climbing and high jumping at feather wands. At the end of the day a warm lap is most enjoyable. Barry is a big love who is looking for a wonderful family and a forever home. He loves to hang out with people and gets along with other cats of a gentle disposition. As the song goes, he “just wants to be your everything.”

Barry just turned 3 and is up to date on all vaccinations and has been neutered.

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