ROARings: Tucker, the lucky charmer

As the sun shone through the panes of glass in our cat room, the rays rested on the back of a  little black cat. Looking closely at his fur, you could see that it was not really black but a mix of dark colors — brown, auburn and black. That makes black cats so striking, handsome and unique.

Our newest black cat, named Tucker, is an 18-month-old youngster. He is sweet, gentle and playful. He will bat at feather wands and cat dancers and can race through a cat tunnel. He’s very affectionate with people of all ages and appreciates lots of petting.

Believe it or not, black cats can sometimes be the least likely to be adopted. Tucker would make the sweetest of companions and would fit into a household with other cats. He is up to date on all necessary vaccinations and has been neutered. Adopting this green-eyed charmer would be lucky for you and lucky for him.

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