ROARings: There’s no place like home


One morning Bailey, the tiger-striped tabby, was brought to what she thought was a red barn.  She heard the word “allergies,” was kissed and given a loving goodbye, and met some new and friendly people who put her into her very own cat condo.

Soon, Bailey was taken to a bright room with toys, soft beds, and big windows. She was a little nervous but would venture out from time to time to explore. She was shy and sometimes ran under a bench, but  there were new cats to meet .

More and more, Bailey has been coming out of her shell. She is super affectionate and loves warm laps. She is sweet and loving and is great company. Bailey is a young six-year old tabby with beautiful dark stripes on a beige/gray coat, deserving a loving home. She’s hoping for a lifetime of love, which she will give in return. She will be forever grateful and you will have a devoted companion.

Visit the website for the ROAR-Donofrio Family Animal Shelter at to learn about adoptable cats and dogs and shelter hours.