ROARings: Super-friendly Gracie

Follow us along as we share some of sweet Gracie's history. She was placed in a good but overcrowded shelter by her previous owner who was entering a nursing home. She was brought to ROAR by one of our volunteers who knew that a loving home would soon be in the offing.

Gracie is such an affectionate cat and is unique in two ways. She is a Russian Blue mix, with a plush blue coat and captivating eyes and is also polydactyl, or six-toed. Polydactyls are commonly known as “Hemingway cats,” in reference to many of these cats at his Key West residence.

Loving little Gracie enjoys being with people of all ages, but is a bit shy with other animals. She will share her love by rubbing up against you and loves to snuggle in cozy, comfortable laps.

Gracie is a healthy 6-year-old who is current with all vaccinations and is spayed.

Will you be charmed by this wonderful little “mitten” cat and let her blossom in your home?

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