ROARings: Snookie seeks a home

There she was, having such fun, rolling over and batting at a little toy mouse. We were so happy to see a wonderful change in her during the previous 3 weeks.
We don’t know about Snookie’s beginnings, but when we first met her, she was quiet and reserved and just enjoyed sitting next to a friendly human. In a short time we saw a gradual change from a shy tabby to one who came out of her shell.
Snookie is a 1-year old gorgeous brown tabby. She’s a solid little girl and might enjoy some kitty yoga.
She’s pretty sure that a special family will be coming along soon to give her love and affection in a forever home. She’s up to date with necessary vaccinations and has been spayed.
Visit the ROAR-Donofrio Family Animal Shelter’s website at to learn about adoptable cats and dogs and volunteer opportunities. We’re located at 45 South St. and open from Thursday through Monday.

Mary Ellen Egan