ROARings: Senior cats rule

Gazing into her gorgeous golden eyes, we wonder what our not-so-little Munchkin is thinking.  She seems so very shy and scared, but once we remember the characteristics of her breed, we know that given time to adjust, she will be a fantastic companion for her new family.

Dear Munchkin is an 8-year-old Russian Blue mix with plush fur. She is curious and intelligent, and a bit cautious by nature. She is extremely loving and affectionate with those she trusts.

She’s not too keen on change, and likes things to be predictable. The more routines she has the more she feels secure. Munchkin would love to have her very own special place to retreat, since she can be startled at times.

She enjoys all kinds of games, and loves to lounge in the sun. She’s a snuggler and will make a great napping buddy.

If you can give her the gift of time, you’ll see that Munchkin will add so much love to your life.

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