ROARings: Our little princess

Sometimes visitors to our cat room jokingly comment on our “good-sized” cats, but our newest resident is not only sweet but petite. She seems to have misplaced her tiara, but Froo (formerly FrooFroo) is the smallest cat with us.

Froo is small and compact. She is mostly white with black patches scattered here and there with some attractive beauty marks on her face.

Froo has a gentle disposition and is quite easygoing. She likes to explore all the different places in the cat room. She is a good jumper and can reach the top of the cat cages to look out the windows, watching the world go by while viewing her royal subjects.

If you give her a little time to adjust to a new home and family, she will shower you with love and affection.

Froo is 4 years old, is up to date on all necessary vaccinations, had dental checkups, and has been spayed.

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