ROARings: Marvelous Milo

Milo has a great story to tell.  There are three things about him that you need to know — his eyes are unique, he’s extremely handsome, and he’s frisky and full of fun.  

Milos’s eyes give him character and are captivating.  One is blue and the other golden, commonly known as heterochromia. Sometimes people think this affects only white cats, but it can be found in cats of any color.

Milo has a loving personality and is very good looking. He has mostly white fur with scattered orange markings. He is happy and healthy, is current on his vaccinations, and has been neutered.

Sweet Milo is a frolicsome guy who loves people. He is only 2 and likes to play with other cats. He and his cat room buddy, Peanut, have become fast friends, challenging each other to all kinds of kitty games.  Although play is an important part of his day, he likes to unwind in a cozy bed gazing out the window.  Milo hopes his forever home will have other playful cats.

Visit the  ROAR-Donofrio Family Animal Shelter’s website,, to learn about open hours, adoptable cats and dogs, and volunteer opportunities.