ROARings: Mac the cat

Mac is a stunning black cat who is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Mac is just 2 years old, with a glossy black coat and shining eyes. In spite of being in new surroundings, she has adjusted to the cat room and her new feline friends. She is affectionate with our volunteers and loves head rubs. She is partial to treats — hold one above her head and she will jump up to catch it. You can often find Mac sitting high up in a cat tree, looking out the window at birds visiting the bird feeder or splashing in the birdbath. She is current with her vaccinations and has been spayed. Are you the ones to give Mac a second chance at happiness in a new and forever home? This sweet girl is hoping that a cat-loving family will soon be coming to meet her.

Every year at this time, ROAR receives many calls about lost cats. Predators are more active now, preparing for the upcoming winter. Please keep your cats indoors. Go to for information about adoption, open hours and volunteering.