ROARings: Love is all she needs

I realized that shortly after I began volunteering with the cats at ROAR, I fell in love with each and every one of them. Since we have such a small number of cats, we get to know their personalities, likes, dislikes, signs of affection, and how they change.

That brings us to dear little Twiggy, who is still waiting for her fur-ever home. We believe that some of our shy little ones will change over time if given attention, devotion and love. Twiggy arrived having to adjust to a new place and many cats. She found comfort at the top of a carpeted cat tree, watching the birds at their bird feeders.

Excitedly we report that Twiggy is changing. She dozes on laps, wants neck rubs and likes to snuggle with the volunteers. We feel that she would probably feel most comfortable in a home where she could be the Queen Bee.

This little black-and-white 6-year-old has the most striking markings. Love is all she needs.

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