ROARings: Izzy and Lucy love laps

Elegance comes easily to these two tuxedo girls. They came to ROAR from South Carolina, hoping to find a second chance at love.They are almost identical, but Izzy sports a zig-zagging white stripe on her nose.

We know they came from the same household but are not sure if they are related. They are rather independent, but have many similarities. Izzy and Lucy each have found a happy place on the carpeted cat tree, where they gaze at the bird feeder and bird bath.

Are you a real softy looking for a lap cat? Their most endearing characteristic is the love of laps.  Both girls love to cuddle and relax for as long as you wish. Lucy enjoys tummy rubs and Izzy is fascinated with wand toys.

The girls are 7 years old, are up to date on vaccinations, have been spayed, and were declawed in a previous situation. Because of their independence, they can be adopted separately or as a team. Come in and meet this loving duo.  

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