ROARings: Ike’s happy tail, happy family

In October of 2016 we took in a Yellow Lab from a home that was unable to find time for him. He received little formal training. He was stuck in a crate most of the day where he acquired bad housebreaking habits. He wasn't given the opportunity to succeed as a dog.

When he arrived at ROAR, Ike was a goofy nine-month-old who peed on most of our stuff in the Blue Buffalo room. He was a strong puller on the leash and would take your whole hand when offered a small treat. He would eat his towels when left alone in his kennel. He even enjoyed grabbing plastic bags out of everyone’s hands whether they were filled with tasty treats or poop from the yard. This young pup was going to be a piece of work, but anyone who has met him will agree with one thing: Ike’s a charmer.

Ike was taken under the wing of a group of volunteers at ROAR called the T-Squad, a group of veteran volunteers who meet on Saturdays to do extra training for the shelter dogs. Ike also joined a weekly obedience class where he graduated with honors. He was showing the world he could be a great dog and just needed some friends to help learn the ropes.

As friendly and obedient as he was, Ike was a tough sell for adopters. His bathroom habits were not improving in the kennel. Most people looking to adopt him wanted a Yellow Lab but didn’t want to train a dog on housebreaking.

We searched for a foster home to work on this last element of training to make him more adoptable. When we found a couple that had just lost their Yellow Lab of 14 years, we asked if they wanted to foster him while we searched for a home. He spent his summer learning house rules, playing with his new pack of dogs, and vacationing in Block Island. He really hit the jackpot!

After months of fostering and looking for the right home, Ike’s foster family decided that they were the perfect home for him. He was officially adopted on Aug. 23. Congratulations Ike!